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Know Your Dharma

A lecture series to help us understand our Dharma

Hindu Society of North Carolina (HSNC) has embarked on a new initiative, “Know Your Dharma”. The aim is to introduce our second generation, our college students and young professionals to:

  • The beauty and practicality of our scriptures
  • The symbolism of the forms of our Deities that we worship
  • Explain why do we perform certain rituals
  • Significance of major festivals
  • Other aspects of our culture

The first event that we organized was a very informative lecture, “The Hindu Temple – Art and Architecture” by Sripriya Chithamoor, a former docent at the Singapore Art Museum and at the Asian Civilizations Museum in Singapore.

The second event we organized was a Deekshant ceremony to celebrate our graduates. It was very well attended.

A 4-part workshop on ‘Dharma in Daily Living’ by Acharya Vivek of Chinmaya Mission, was delivered every Monday of July from 8-9 pm. Stay tuned for more events. Recordings for this and other events listed below.

For details please contact- Dr. Kishor Trivedi at

Past Events

Date Topic Details Recording
11/21/2021 Meditation: The Heart of Dharmik Living View Details Watch Recording
11/14/2021 Dance as a Healer View Details Watch Recording
10/24/2021 Universal Values and Hinduism View Details Watch Recording
9/26/2021 Seven Stars of Hinduism View Details Watch Recording
7/26/2021 Dharma in Daily Living – Session 4 View Details Watch Recording
7/19/2021 Dharma in Daily Living – Session 3 View Details Watch Recording
7/12/2021 Dharma in Daily Living – Session 2 View Details Watch Recording
7/5/2021 Dharma in Daily Living – Session 1 View Details Watch Recording
6/13/2021 Deekshant (Graduation) Ceremony View Details Watch Recording
4/11/2021 The Hindu Temple – Art and Architecture View Details

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