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309 Aviation Parkway, Morrisville NC 27560 | Ph: 919-599-9667 Or 919-283-6634 |

Mission Statement

Provide means for senior Indian-Americans to get together, reminisce about their times, enjoy recreational and other activities with their contemporaries having similar interests. Provide a platform for seniors to serve the community and advocate the well-being and better quality of life for the Indian-Americans in their senior years.


Club membership is required to participate in the various weekly events. This is in addition to the HSNC membership. Our membership dues are $25 per person for one year or $100/person for 5 years.

Monthly Club Meetings

Are held on the 2nd Tuesday of the month at the HSNC Cultural Hall. Each meeting is thoughtfully planned with fun activities, seminars, and presentations. There is a nominal fee for each meeting to cover the lunch expense.

Senior Club Committee

Our current elected Senior Club Committee includes:

Kavita Katti, Chair: 978-621-2071

Banu Krishnamurthy, Vice Chair: 919-381-6272

Rita Modi, Treasurer: 919-749-4085

Bharat Parkih: 910-978-0218

Pramila Domadia: 919-271-0415

Ravi Bhirud: 304-419-4262

Vinod Shah: 919-599-5608

Weekly programs

In addition to the monthly meeting, we have several focused weekly programs. Most take place in Rooms 7 or 8 in the Learning Center.

Below is a short list of the programs currently being offered, and main contact (s) for the groups.

Ballroom Dance Lessons: Manahar Tamhankar:

Book Club: Nilima Bhirud:

Bridge Lessons: Mahesh Varia:

Bridge and 56: Ramesh Vora:

Bridge and 56: Kris Krishnamurthy:

Experienced players for 56: Kris Krishnamurthy:

Craft lessons: Banu Krishnamurthy:

Geet Gunjan – Karaoke Group: Ambrish Vyas:

Geet Gunjan – Karaoke Group: Chetna Purohit:

Improv: Improv R Us: Ramesh Vora:

Improv: Improv R Us: Kavita Katti:

Seva Activities: Dr. Banu Krishnamurthy:

Sankeertan (Bhajans): Sudha Dev:

Sankeertan (Bhajans): Chetna Purohit:

Square dance: Kris Krishnamurthy:

Yoga: Smita Shah:

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