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Know Your Dharma

A lecture series to help us understand our Dharma

Hindu Society of North Carolina (HSNC) has embarked on a new initiative, “Know Your Dharma”. The aim is to introduce our second generation, our college students and young professionals to:

  • The beauty and practicality of our scriptures
  • The symbolism of the forms of our Deities that we worship
  • Explain why do we perform certain rituals
  • Significance of major festivals
  • Other aspects of our culture

For details please contact- Dr. Kishor Trivedi at

Upcoming Events/Lectures

KYD Past Events

Date Topic Details Recording Slides
3/5/2023 Dharma & Advocacy – What, Why, and How View Details Watch Recording
2/12/2023 Karma Yoga: The Science of the Secret of Work View Details Watch Recording Open Slides
1/15/2023 Teachings from Atharvashirsha for Career Decisions View Details Watch Recording Open Slides
11/13/2022 Dharma & Sustainability View Details
10/9/2022 India’s Unique Educational Heritage View Details Watch Recording
2/20/2022 Indian Knowledge System View Details Watch Recording
1/30/2022 Dharma, Values & Human Well-Being View Details Watch Recording
1/9/2022 Know Your Roots – Part 2 View Details Watch Recording
12/31/2022 AAD Watch Recording
11/21/2021 Meditation: The Heart of Dharmik Living View Details Watch Recording
11/14/2021 Dance as a Healer View Details Watch Recording
11/07/2021 Know Your Roots – Part 1 View Details Watch Recording
10/24/2021 Universal Values and Hinduism View Details Watch Recording
9/26/2021 Seven Stars of Hinduism View Details Watch Recording
7/26/2021 Dharma in Daily Living – Session 4 View Details Watch Recording
7/19/2021 Dharma in Daily Living – Session 3 View Details Watch Recording
7/12/2021 Dharma in Daily Living – Session 2 View Details Watch Recording
7/5/2021 Dharma in Daily Living – Session 1 View Details Watch Recording
6/13/2021 Deekshant (Graduation) Ceremony View Details Watch Recording
4/11/2021 The Hindu Temple – Art and Architecture View Details

KYD Radio Nyra Audio Clips

Topic Audio Recording
Somnath Temple Listen
Syama Allard (HAF) Listen
Dimple M. Listen
Laura’s Yoga Journey Listen
Ekal Hari Nath Listen
Ranjan Sonali – Part 1 Listen
Ranjan Sonali – Part 2 Listen
Dhanesh – Part 1 Listen
Dhanesh – Part 2 Listen
Deepa – Part 1 Listen
Deepa – Part 2 Listen
Maha Swamigal – Part 1 Listen
Maha Swamigal – Part 2 Listen
Narsinha Mehta Listen
Anju Ben Listen
Anju Seva – Part 1 Listen
Anju Seva – Part 2 Listen
Ramaswamy – Part 1 Listen
Ramaswamy – Part 2 Listen
Prabhava – Part 1 Listen
Prabhava – Part 2 Listen
Prabhava – Part 3 Listen
Bhave Listen
HUA – Part 1 Listen
HUA – Part 2 Listen
Holi Puja – Part 1 Listen
Holi Puja – Part 2 Listen
Duke Listen
Anagha – Part 1 Listen
Anagha – Part 2 Listen
About Mahashivratri Watch Recording
About Abhang Watch Recording
Enakshi’s journey thru Dharma Listen
Sanjay Rao – Pongal Listen
Rajendra Trivedi – Dharma and Colors Listen
Mahendra Ranchod Journey through Dharma Listen
Shanti Mantra with Pravin Shukla Listen
Shri Ganesh Listen
Dharma – Introduction Listen
Dharma, Karma & Yoga Listen
Diwali Listen
Misconceptions Listen
Navaratri Listen
Notion of God Listen
By Priya (Hindu Chaplain at Duke Listen
Raising Hindu Kids Listen
Stress & Yoga Listen

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