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Om Squad

Our Mission

  • Bring together all the Hindu youth of the RDU-Triangle area, regardless of geographical background, to participate, commit, and contribute to the environment, the Hindu community, and the Hindu religion while gaining leadership skills.
  • Serve as a platform for the expression of thoughts and views of the Hindu youth, while encouraging them to preserve Hindu culture and heritage.
  • Forge new friendships and promote a positive outlook on life so the youth of today will be ready to take on the mantle as leaders of tomorrow’s Hindu community.

Om Squad website :

Every year Om Squad organizes Summer Camps to inspire youth with Hindu Values. Click Here for details about this year’s summer camp.

Subscribe to Om SquadOm Squad maintains a mailing list of volunteers using the Google group Om Squad . If you or your high-school going child wants to get emails from Om Squad,  visit –
Please make sure to join this group and update your mailing preferences to get all emails or a daily bulletin.

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